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Live Scan Services:

  • FBI Background Checks
  • VISA & Immigration
  • Teaching abroad applications
  • Investigating history of potential employees
  • Foreign adoptions & Foreign volunteer work.

There is no mess as with the black printer’s ink. There is no chance for human or mechanical error as there is with the ink fingerprint method.

Easily check the process of your background check by visiting the Department of Justice’s website:

We are conveniently located in Santee, CA and we also serve Lakeside, El Cajon, Lemon Grove, La Mesa, Spring Valley, Alpine, Poway, Ramona, La Jolla and San Diego.

Live Scan Santee

Welcome to EZ LiveScan in Santee, California approved LiveScan Fingerprinting service. LiveScan fingerprinting has modernized the science of taking fingerprints. Reliable source for accessing background information for a variety of purposes. LiveScan digital submissions provide the quickest way to submit and process background checks. LiveScan technology allows digitally scanned fingerprints and related information to be submitted electronically to the FBI and Department of Justice within a matter of minutes and allows criminal background checks to be processed usually within 48 to 72 hours.

EZ LiveScan in Santee provides digital fingerprinting services that will allow you to get the data you need to make informed decisions. Our goal is to capture a true image so that the administrative process is as easy and efficient as possible.

Our work is approved by the San Diego County General Services Office for Livescan security clearances. The technology allows for a significantly shorter turnaround from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) or the California Department of Justice (DOJ). Law enforcement may be better able to identify criminal suspects, as well as provide background checks quicker.

Live Scan fingerprinting is a technological development of forensic science that makes it possible for a fingerprint to be taken electronically and sent to law enforcement for identification. Live scan fingerprinting is inkless and it captures the fingerprint digitally on a computer. The prints are then forwarded electronically to the FBI, DOJ or another authorized agency for a criminal background check. We are open 7 days a week. Come see us during the following hours:

M-F (7:30AM-5:30PM)  SAT (7:30AM-5PM)  SUN (9AM-3:30PM)

livescan santee

Curios About Your Fingerprint Processing Status?

Please allow up to 7 days before inquiring about your fingerprint status. You should first check with the Agency who requested for the fringerprint, since the results are directtly send to them. Thank you for your interest!

You can check the process of your background check by visiting the Department of Justice’s website:

In order to check the status of your background check online, you will need the following information at hand:
Applicants date of Birth & Applicants 10-digit Automated Transaction Identifier (ATI) Number listed on the bottom of the Request for Livescan form.

* Please note, If you have a Misc. No. (Billing Number) on your Request For Live Scan Services Form, you will only pay our $22 fingerprinting rolling fee.* Our service fee for fingerprinting is currently at a discounted rate of $22.00 (normally $25).  There may be a DOJ fee of $32.00 and if required, an FBI fee of $17.00.  Other fees may apply if mandated by your requesting agency.

Livescan Rolling Fee

$25 per person is our ROLLING FEE.

Be aware that there may DOJ/FBI fees that may apply.

Please ask the requesting agency if those fees will be added on top of our rolling fee.

DOJ ( Department of Justice)

Fee $32

To be paid at the livescan site, if applicable FBI

Fee $17

To be paid at livescan site, if applicable

Mobile Services $25

Travel fee for 5 or more at an off site location ($25 base fee. Call for a quote)

**There may also be additional criminal history processing fees collected for the DOJ and the FBI for the background checks. (For DOJ and FBI fees, please click the link.) While often paid by the agency requesting the criminal history review, some applicants may have to pay this fee so check with your requesting agency. NO REFUNDS ONCE LIVESCAN HAS BEEN SUBMITTED TO DOJ/FBI FOR PROCESSING. All sales are final once DOJ/FBI have submitted a OSCN number to our locations as receipt of acceptance of livescan.

Other Fees

$40 dollars and up for travel fees.

$15.00 per each notarized signature (as of January 1, 2017 for California).

Affordable LiveScan Operators CANNOT modify the information on your “Request for Livescan” application. If hey are unable to process your fingerprints due to incomplete or inaccurate information, you will be notified and will be require to make the changes on your form prior to service.

YOU are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your “Request for Livescan” form. If you have questions, please contact your employer or licensing agency that provided you the form.

The Contributing Agency identified on the “Request for Livescan” application has specified the “Level of Service” for your background check. The Department of Justice (DOJ), FBI, and other fees that are required for some applicants are NON-NEGOTIABLE. These Level-of-Service fees are set by the respective agencies, NOT by us.

If you pay the fees indicated by the DOJ system, you are agreeing that once the fingerprinting is done, your prints are IMMEDIATELY transmitted to the Department of Justice. Once that transmission begins, there can be no refund issued.

If you receive notification from the DOJ that your information or fingerprints were unacceptable, bring that letter back in with a replacement “Request for Livescan Service” form and we will resubmit your prints. If information was not provided or provided incorrectly on your application for submission, you will be charge a service for reprocessing including any DOJ level of Service Fees. If the fingerprint transmission was unacceptable, or the operator did not input the information provided on your application when you were originally scanned, this service will be provide at no charge

We Accept: Cash, Check, Money Order and major Visa and Master Cards.

LiveScan Testimonials

When our company was tasked with working on several local government buildings we were asked to have LiveScan fingerprinting done for all employees. Not only was Smogs N Tags convienent, but they were able to expedite the process. Amazing service.

Jack L.


After graduating college I finally received my dream job at a local middle school in Santee. I was surprised to learn that I needed to have a LiveScan completed before I was able to start working. I called a few places and Smogs N Tags was the only one who took the time to answer all of my questions.

Sheri P.


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