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auto registration El Cajon

Auto Registration El Cajon, CA

Thanks to our close working relationship with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, your vehicle requirements can be processed quickly and efficiently. If you are looking for auto registration El Cajon, you have come to the right place!

We have more than 15 years of professional experience in the preparation and completion of DMV forms. We can make sure that you have all the required paperwork and documentation that you need when you want to register your vehicle. In fact, we’ll even estimate how much it will cost and calculate the taxes as well. With all these benefits that we provide, you won’t have to stand in line at the DMV for a long time. We also offer smog testing in El Cajon!

The average person who goes to the DMV must wait roughly 5 hours before they’re finished with their transaction. This estimated time doesn’t even include the people who didn’t fill out their forms properly and were forced to spent time filling them out again. You can expect the DMV wait times to be the longest on Fridays, Mondays, the first week of the month, the last week of the month, the day before a holiday, the day after a holiday, and the lunch hour of every day. If you can somehow schedule an appointment in between all these times, then you might have some luck at avoiding a long wait time. Come visit us 7 days a week. We are open:

M-F (7:30AM-5:30PM)  SAT (7:30AM-5PM)  SUN (9AM-3:30PM)


Registration Renewals – CA Vehicle Title Transfers – Out of State Transfers – Salvage Title Transfers – Duplicate Title – Commercial Vehicles  – Off Road Vehicles – Vessel Stickers – Vehicle Vin Verification – One Day Permit

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When you come to Smogs N Tags, the average customer waits about 15 minutes. If you don’t even want to wait that long, you can just drop in with your required documentation any day of the week and you will be helped almost immediately. If your transaction has problems which will require additional time to sort them out, you will receive all the information about the paperwork and permits that you need.

Our company’s objective is to reduce the time and stress that comes from owning a vehicle. You shouldn’t have to spend all day completing your title transfer and vehicle registration. We specialize in handling title transfers, vehicle registrations, and lien services. Because of this, we help vehicle owners get back to driving much faster than they would have if they had gone to the DMV. Aside from title transfers and car registration assistance, we offer lien services which assist you in getting paid back the money that you’re owed. Our offices have plates and stickers which can be offered immediately to get you on your way faster.

If you require notary services, there is always a notary available in our office in case you have documents which need a notarized signature. Our company services all vehicle owners in California with their DMV transactions and paperwork.

Schedule with us using our online book system below or give us a call! (619) 328-1111

We are located at 8781 Cuyamaca Street Suite U Santee, CA 92071 – Get Directions >  


Additional Services

Smog Services

Regular and Star smog checks for California residents and out of state vehicles. 

Live Scan

In-House and Mobile Live Scan FingerPrinting Services.

DMV Auto Registration

Skip the long lines at the DMV! Services include Auto Registration, Insurance,  and Title Transfers.  There is NO Fun at the DMV.


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